Scroll through our different Virtual Fundraising ideas to see what you can get up to from home!

You can download our Virtual Fundraising Pack here for further tips in how to make the most of your virtual fundraising efforts and share it with others if you’d like.


Le tour de flat: cycle the distance of Le tour de France from your home, or cycle round the block, challenge yourself to cycle 3500km and raise awareness and funds for EYH while you do it.

Distance challenge: 110,000 young people face homelessness in the UK. Can you and your colleagues collectively walk, run or cycle 110 miles? Or set a smaller target of 10,100 steps each day. Track your progress either with your smart phone or a fitbit and see who can reach the distance target first.

Virtual workout challenge: whether it is sit-ups, star jumps or press-ups its your choice, challenge yourself to do as many in a row as you can, it could be 5 or 100! Post on socials, raise awareness for EYH and then tag a friend to do the same. Let's see how many you, together with your friends, can do for EYH.


Dress UP Fridays: see who can wear the wackiest shirt, funkiest glasses or craziest hat on your Friday video conference call - best dressed will be crowned the winner! Share your outfits on socials to spread awareness around EYH.

Virtual Raffle: Invite your contacts to donate some cool prizes for a virtual raffle, just £1 a ticket or £3 a strip is a great way to incentivise people to donate.

Gaming for Good: challenge you and your friends to have a marathon play off, whichever game you would like this is the time to test your skills against your teammates. Live stream your efforts and get sponsored.


Hold a _ Night: whatever you’re into, make an evening of it and invite your friends to virtually join too . Whether it’s a dinner party, wine & cheese night, games night, dance party or quiz night; keep having fun with your loved ones whilst raising awareness around EYH!

Skills Auction: whatever your skill, monetise it! Can you speak another language? Play an instrument? Offer out your skills to friends and colleagues in return for a donation. It costs EYH £23 to provide an hour of employability support for a homeless young person – why not offer an hour of your skills for the same price?

Change up your commute: calculate the money are you are currently saving on travel and make a donation to EYH.


Mindfulness: In challenging times it's important to look after your wellbeing and take time to reflect. 80% of homeless young people suffer from a mental health problem, share your mindfulness practice on socials or you can take part in our weekly affirmations; share what you are appreciative of from being at home today by downloading our affirmation template here. Help spread awareness of the importance of EYH in providing young people with the support they need.