Support our services 


Keeping young people connected:

  • smartphones
  • laptops, ipads and tablets
  • IT advice and expertise to streamline virtual working

For a vulnerable young person, isolation poses a serious threat to their mental wellbeing. It's vital that they can stay connected to the outside world as well as access online support networks.

Keeping the services stocked;

  • food
  • bedding and clothing
  • sanitiser and cleaning products

As it becomes increasingly difficult for service workers to go shopping, and online slots are limited, we are looking for support securing and delivering the essentials.

Business Development

  • support with market research into new areas of funding
  • help us identify prospective new funders
  • put us in touch with your clients or supply chain

Now more than ever, EYH is relying on the support of businesses across the UK to keep our services running. By sharing your network with us, or helping us identify new areas of support you can ensure we raise the funds needed to keep our young people supported.

To volunteer contact Zara at