Ending Youth Homelessness Together

In the UK every year, 83,000 homeless young people find themselves trapped in dire circumstances both at home and on the streets.

In the UK every year, 83,000 homeless young people find themselves trapped in dire circumstances both at home and on the streets.

Our Impact


young people ask their local authorities for help each year.


homeless young people get housed each year.


the number of homeless young people EYH charities house each year.

Our Aims

We work towards 3 main targets: prevention, housing and work.


Here, the aim is that families have the support they need so young people at risk are identified and supported before the point of crisis.

6 in 10 young people become homeless due to family breakdown.  42% of homeless young people have a diagnosed mental health problem or report symptoms of poor mental health.  31% have a physical health problem.  18% have attempted suicide.  We aim to change this.                                                                                                                         


As the biggest short term issue of homelessness, we work hard to ensure these young people have somewhere to live. Often, young people find it difficult to ‘move on’ from supported accommodation into social housing or the private rented sector because the rents are too high.

1 in 100 people experience homelessness every year.  27% eat fewer than two meals a day.  33% of people have slept rough.                                                                                                                                               


We believe that supporting homeless young people into training and employment is as important as helping them to find a place to call home.

More than 40% of homeless young people are not in education, employment or training.  Only 5% of homeless people are in employment.  29% have no qualifications together.

What We Do

We aim to get young people into a home, a job, and give them the life skills to build a brighter future.

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We help change the lives for young people all over the UK.

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Our Policy Work

We support out Members to work locally and nationally with policy makers to prevent youth homelessness and improve outcomes for homeless young people.