Tyler: Overcoming Obstacles

Tyler left home as he felt too unsafe. His local EYH charity provided the support he needed.

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When Tyler presented to his local EYH charity, he had fled his mother’s house as their relationship had become too strained and he felt too unsafe to stay. 

Tyler had resorted to sleeping on his Nan’s sofa in her warden assisted living for people 65 and over. It was just at this time when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK and lockdown was introduced. Tyler was breaking the rules by staying with his Nan and he was putting other residents at risk of contracting the virus, but since it was either that or the streets, he felt he had no choice.

Thankfully, support workers at the charity put him forward for their short-term Lodging scheme. Tyler agreed and was placed with a host in a matter of days. Tyler had a successful placement; he built a positive relationship with his host and respected the lockdown restrictions. 

Following the placement, Tyler reengaged with his EYH charity. This time he was offered a referral to their Foyer accommodation. Tyler had demonstrated independence and maturity during his previous placement and as a result, he was offered a Supported Independence Placement.


Tragically, Tyler’s Nan passed away during his time in the Foyer. She was his primary support network, and he needed a lot of emotional support to navigate this difficult time. Tyler acceessed wellbeing support at his EYH charity, and  engaged well with his weekly support sessions. 

Since then, Tyler has continued to engage with support from his EYH charity. Staff recognised that he was ready to take the next steps towards independence, and thus helped facilitate his move into independent accommodation. Tyler is now managing his own tenancy and feels proud of how far he has come after a year’s hard work and dedication to turn his life around.

Dealing with homelessness and loss of his family in the midst of a pandemic has been tremendously challenging for Tyler. He has pulled through with incredible strength and we are proud of how far he has come.