Tamara's Story

As her mother's carer, Tamara couldn't afford to pay the bills. That was until the help of the Housing Fund gave her and her mother a fresh start.

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At 21 years old, Tamara had just broken up with her partner and found herself unable to pay rent. Working as a carer form her mother, who suffers from Schizophrenia, and part-time as a cleaner, her income simply couldn’t cover the costs of her rental property.

Tamara worried about how she would be able to afford a new place to live, but fortunately she found her local End Youth Homelessness charity.

Tamara’s first assessment with her local EYH charity– Rock Trust –concluded that she was already quite independent, and just needed the support to secure new accommodation.

Through the EYH Housing Fund, a fund that helps young people facing homelessness gain access to the private or social rented sector, Tamara was supported to find a two-bedroom flat that was a perfect fit for Tamara and her mum’s needs within her budget. Tamara was able to pay half the required deposit to the letting agency, and the Housing Fund covered the other half, taking a huge weight and off Tamara’s shoulders. In addition, her local EYH charity was able to help with filling in paperwork and providing some essential toiletries and food for the move.

Tamara says how overjoyed she and her mum are to have found a flat that suits their needs and to have somewhere that has given her a fresh start. “I will forever be grateful to have found Rock Trust and the Housing Fund”.

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