Social Mobility in Action

EYH have teamed up with leading law firm Shoosmiths LLP and Deliveroo, to present Social Mobility in Action!

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Designed to show how EYH’s Employability Fund is delivering social mobility for the most disadvantaged young people in the UK, the webinar sought to explore how we can really enact social mobility for young people experiencing homelessness.

EYH began the session by sharing the current picture of youth homelessness in the UK as well as taking a look at the scale of youth unemployment in the UK.

The Shoosmiths Foundation, represented by former Shoosmiths LLP CEO, Simon Boss, spoke about why the company decided to set up a Foundation, and why social mobility is such an important topic at the firm.

EYH was fortunate enough to benefit from Shoosmiths Foundation funding in October 2021, and is using that funding to deliver it’s Employability Fund across the UK. The Employability Fund offers specialist 1-to-1 support for young people, allowing them to build trust and confidence so they can formulate and work towards their education, employment or training aspirations.

EYH is working to prove that social mobility is possible for the most disadvantaged young people in the UK by asking employers to guarantee interviews for homeless young people. This small change in recruitment practises allows our young people to shine.

Deliveroo have implemented this approach in the heart of their company, adapting their recruitment practises and employing young people from EYH Member Charities. Megan Stott, Recruiter from Deliveroo, speaks about the small changes they have made and why now is the right time for their business to invest in social mobility.

The purpose of this webinar is to show how social mobility is possible and how it is being achieved. To expand this approach and to see social mobility happen in the UK at scale, EYH needs more funding for its Employability Fund, and more employers like Deliveroo willing to make small changes that lead to life changing results.

Thank you for watching and please get in touch if you think you can help our mission to put social mobility into action.