One in 10 Brits think homeless people are beyond help.

End Youth Homelessness has released new survey findings ahead of World Homeless Day on the 10th October. It is highlighting the importance of supporting local youth homelessness charities and giving young people the dedicated support they need to tackle the problems that made them homeless in the first place, in order to provide a long-term solution to the problem.


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The survey looks at the nation’s attitude to helping the homeless and reveals that there is still a lot that needs to be done in order to tackle the issue – despite the fact that one in five (18%) say they give their loose change to homeless people they see, a third of Brits are skeptical to give money to homeless people because they don’t know how it will be used.

Over one in 10 (13%) also admit to making negative assumptions about homeless people when they see them on the street and 16% even avoid eye contact, ignore, or give homeless people a wide berth.

Almost a fifth (19%) say they have no idea what to do to help the homeless people they see and 13% say they rarely give money to homeless people as they believe there is something more valuable they can offer, but are not sure what that is.

The survey does show that some Brits are aware of this – almost half (45%) say they have donated items of food, clothing or furniture to a homeless person, nearly a fifth (19%) say they would rather buy homeless people food and drink than give them money.

Over half of Brits (53%) have donated money to a charity and one in 10 (12%) have volunteered their time. There are still those who feel like they could be doing more, with a third (32%) having thought about volunteering their time or saying they would like to do so, and a quarter admitting to feeling incredibly guilty when they walk past anyone homeless without stopping to do anything.

"Young people have their whole lives ahead of them, they just need the opportunity to turn their lives around. We need to give young people the dedicated support they need to tackle the problems that made them homeless in the first place. Rough sleeping is just the tip of the iceberg. By supporting your local youth homelessness charity and signing up to Sleep Out, you can help provide long-term solutions to the problem." - Nick Connolly, Managing Director, End Youth Homelessness.

To help end youth homelessness you can join over 2,300 people in 15 locations across the country taking up the Sleep Out challenge this winter.