Please watch and share our #NOWYOUSEEME film all about hidden homelessness, produced by Black Dog Films.

In 2018, 103,000 16-25 year-olds asked their local authority for help because they were homeless or at risk. 52% received no documented support.* End Youth Homelessness launched the #NOWYOUSEEME campaign to raise awareness of what happens to these “hidden homeless”.

Little is known about what happens to the 52% of young people who received no documented support from their local council. It is this forgotten group that is often forced to ‘sofa-surf’; sleeping on the floors and sofas of friends or acquaintances. Once they exhaust goodwill they often resort to more desperate measures – sleeping on night buses, injuring themselves for a hospital bed, trying to find a ‘date’ for the night, or worse.

That is why End Youth Homelessness (EYH) teamed up with acclaimed artist and sculptor David Oliveira to place “invisible” sculptures of young people in prominent train stations and shopping centres around the UK. The campaign aimed to encourage the public to make the invisible, visible, by sharing #NOWYOUSEEME on social media, raising awareness of and supporting their local youth homelessness charity.

You can check out pictures of the exhibition over at the Design Museum site, and watch the film here.


*Statistics provided by EYH Member Charity - Centrepoint