Nikki's Story

After being priced out of accomodation, Nikki and her dog Thomas had nowhere to turn

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Although Nikki worked two cleaning jobs, she couldn’t afford her own place. Sofa surfing between volatile environments, Nikki felt unsafe and it was unsustainable. After being assessed as homeless by the local council, the only accommodation available was a hostel.

One problem, Nikki’s dog was not allowed in the hostel. Nikki’s dog was a source of companionship, comfort and security – a member of her family. Even though sofa surfing was extremely difficult whilst holding down two jobs – swapping bases and not having access to washing, laundry or cooking facilities – Nikki could not leave her dog.

The amazing team at the Rock Trust tried to find Nikki some temporary accommodation to ensure she was safe. The only option they could find for a ‘dog friendly’ hostel in their area had a weekly rent of over £1000. Nikki’s salary simply could not cover this staggering amount.

Fortunately, Nikki and the team at the Rock Trust were able to find an affordable private rented flat with a pet-friendly landlord. The Rent Deposit Scheme, underpinned by the Housing Fund, gave Nikki the ability to cover the upfront costs to move into her own home.

Nikki and her dog continue to live happy lives in this flat today.

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