Nicola's story

How EYH's Employability Bursary helped Nicola stay in college and achieve great things.

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After Nicola’s mother passed away, she moved in with her Dad and Gran who was suffering with dementia. As her Gran's full-time carer, Nicola’s dad was unable to work, and they fell into debt. On Christmas Eve, Nicola and her family sadly found themselves evicted from their home.

With the help of one of End Youth Homelessness’s Member Charity Llamau, Nicola was supported to continue her college education. As she progressed through her course in Health and Social Care, she needed to be in class more and more often. That’s when Nicola became distressed and turned to her support worker – she simply did not have the clothes to go to class in.

Together with Nicola’s support worker, they secured an EYH Employability Bursary to finally buy the clothes she desperately needed. Nicola was so excited – she could not stop thanking her support worker and the team for their help.

Since then, Nicola has completed her Level 2 Health and Social Care Qualification, and is hoping to progress to Level 3 in the near future. The incredible team at Llamau have supported her through some of the most difficult experiences anyone can face, but Nicola has been nothing but a strong young woman and with the help of the EYH Employment Bursary, she has a bright future ahead.

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