New Housing Fund will help many more young people into Housing

As our Rent Deposit Scheme transitions into the Housing Fund, here's how it will help homeless young people into a place of their own.

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What is it?

Our Rent Deposit Scheme, which launched in 2017 in partnership with Yorkshire Building Society (YBS), has helped more than 400 homeless young people into their own accommodation. The young people helped by the scheme are among the most vulnerable in society; they are young people who have had a hugely difficult start in life, and for reasons beyond their control have found themselves either facing (or on the brink of) homelessness.

This month, the scheme is transitioning into a brand new Housing Fund. The first year of the scheme will be funded by Yorkshire Building Society and is set to help even more young people into independent living, by allowing our member charities greater flexibility in the housing support they are able to provide young people.


What does it do?

Our Housing Fund provides dedicated resetlement workers that help young people find and move into their own home. We provide young people with bursary and bond schemes that help overcome the prohibitive upfront costs associated with securing a tenancy.

In most cases we support young people into the private rented sector but in some instances grants help young people overcome barriers to social housing (e.g. some housing associations charge rent in advance when benefits are paid in arrears, so we’ll cover the first month’s rent).

The Fund also helps young people to make their new house a home. Most homeless young people have few belongings of their own so we provide the basics to get them started.

How can you help?

Whether as individuals or businesses, we can all do our bit to support society's most vulnerable young people. All young people have the potential to live independent, positive futures, and our Housing Fund helps them to get there.


Provides a young person with an hour of support from a dedicated Housing Worker


Supports a young person into their own home and provides them with the dedicated support they need to live independently

To support our Housing Fund, Please donate to End Youth Homelessness today (here), and help us give homeless young people a second chance.

We are now seeking support from funders who will enable us to scale and develop this life-changing service beyond 2021. 

If you are a business interested in partnering with End Youth Homelessness, please contact Sofia on