Maya's story: in her words

Can you imagine becoming homeless in the midst of a global pandemic? Maya experienced it. 

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Maya is one of the many young people who found themselves in a desperate situation during COVID-19.

When she suddenly became homeless in the midst of a global pandemic, and could not afford the deposit needed to rent a room, she didn’t know where to turn.

After finding her local End Youth homelessness charity, Maya was supported into safe and secure accommodation, so she could focus on her future once more.


Read her story in her own words:

I was left needing to find a place during the pandemic as my previous landlords needed my room back. I did not realise how difficult it would be to find a place as a young person, during a global pandemic. 

There were already several things going against me for some landlords; being a part-time masters student, part-time employed, working a zero-hours contract.  And THEN there was COVID. I had to persevere for months with calling loads of estate agents and landlords who declined me because of being on furlough in these unprecedented times. The council had nothing to offer me either. I was going between three homes from June 'til August which was such a struggle.

Being on furlough, it was difficult to save when I only had enough for bills and food/drink.

I definitely would not have been able to move into a place without the help of my support worker at my local EYH charity.

As a young woman, trying my best to better my future, whilst working, doing my postgraduate degree and only having little money leftover, I can definitely understand how tough it is for young people to get started in life and find their own private rentals to call ‘home’... so that money really was life changing and gave me the stepping stone I needed to finally get my own place. 

Honestly... There needs to be more charities like this, that help young people take that extra step in life. Because otherwise, it’s extremely difficult and in some people’s circumstances, it’s seemingly impossible to find a place to live.



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Across the country, COVID-19 has presented them with real challenges, but with the right support, young people can still live independent lives.

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