Kyle's Story

"If it wasn’t for my Support Worker, I don’t know where I would be"

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Kyle was just 19 years old when he was referred to his local End Youth Homelessness charity - The Benjamin Foundation. Before that, he had been sofa surfing at friends’ houses.

Kyle was struggling with his mental health and substance abuse, and his learning difficulties made it hard for him to get the support he needed.

Kyle had been working part-time at the local holiday camp. However, as his mental health deteriorated, he suffered with high levels of anxiety and became unable to leave the house and go to work.

This had a massive impact on his financial situation. Even though Kyle was not being paid any wages, for months he was only in receipt of a small amount of income from Universal Credit as he was still technically employed. Kyle was unable to contribute towards and bills and could only pay for food to survive.

Spiralling debts compounded Kyle’s mental health challenges. He began missing GP, wellbeing and Universal Credit appointments and was in real danger of losing his tenancy.

Luckily, Kyle’s incredible support worker Erica was there to help. Erica was able to reinstate Kyle’s full Universal Credit entitlement, supply vouchers to the local foodbank and make a Personal Independence Payment (PIP) application. With the help of the End Youth Homelessness Housing Fund, Kyle was able to pay off his rent debt and start again with a clean slate.

Kyle has been supported to turn a very challenging situation and the threat of eviction around and he said: “If it wasn’t for my Support Worker, I don’t know where I would be as I wouldn’t have been able to sort myself out.”

Kyle said he’s feeling capable of managing his own finances and taking responsibility for his flat. He is working with those around him is actively looking for work again. We’re wishing him the best of the luck on his job hunt and the future!