Krystal's Bursary Story

Following her mother's death, Krystal became homeless and had nowhere to turn. Read how the EYH Bursary Fund enabled her to turn her life around.

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Krystal approached her local EYH charity after her mother passed away and she found herself homeless.

Struggling to cope with the loss, Krystal faced unemployment and had no other family or friends she could rely on. The charity supported Krystal into temporary accommodation. They then continued to support Krystal to find a more permanent home, and then to find work so she could gain independence.

Krystal dreamt of being a teacher but lacked the qualifications and experience needed to begin a PGCE. Her support worker helped her explore other routes into teaching.

Krystal worked hard at making job applications and attending interviews. Eventually, her persistence paid off and she was offered a paid Teaching Assistant Apprenticeship.

Then Krystal faced another obstacle… the employer requested her GCSE certificates, and having had no secure base in recent years, Krystal was unable to locate them.

At this point, Krystal thought she would have to reject the offer, as the cost for replacement was £100+. Juggling life on benefits, Krystal simply couldn’t pay out this amount.

The EYH bursary came as a lifeline. A successful application meant that Krystal could access the funds needed to replace her certificates, and accept the offer of the Apprenticeship.

Thanks to the Bursary Fund and the support from her EYH charity, Krystal was able to escape homelessness and take the first steps towards an independent, happy future.

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