Jimmy's Story

Read how, in his own words, Jimmy has made incredible progress towards securing his dream career.

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"I had a difficult home life at times when I was growing up, which had a big impact on my emotional wellbeing.  When the opportunity arose to move into my local End Youth Homelessness Future Builders Accommodation, I saw it as a chance to develop my confidence, independence and happiness. 

Learning to live with other people was challenging to begin with but with the Benjamin Foundation staff’s support, this got much easier as time went on.  I currently work full-time in Social Care but my long-term ambition is to join the Police Force.  I am taking my driving test shortly in order to apply to the police force, so fingers crossed I will be able to fulfil that ambition really soon!

I am really grateful for the opportunity that Future Builders has given me.  Living here has prepared me in every way for living in my own house and taught me how to live independently."

We’re delighted to share that Jimmy passed his driving test that month, which means he can now complete his application to join the Police Force! A huge congratulations from all of us at End Youth Homelessness

Future Builders is a live-in apprenticeship programme that provides training to young people to refurbish a property that will become their home, alongside wraparound support to young people to live their independently.