jade's journey

When Jade's support network crumbled, she became homeless. With the help of her local End Youth Homelessness charity, Jade was able to turn things around.

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When Jade's relationship with her father's son broke down, she had to leave his home and had nowhere else to turn. A broken relationship with her family meant that she could not return home, and Jade felt she had no other option but to spend night in a local park. Her world had been turned upside down.

Everything changed when Jade found out about her local EYH charity and the Rent Deposit Scheme they offered. Working with a local letting agent, the charity was able to find a suitable flat - a place to call home for Jade and her son. Without the Rent Deposit Scheme, Jade would not have been able to afford the deposit. But after a successful application to the scheme, the costs were covereed and things moved quickly.

Jade was able to move to her desired area - near her family and her baby's father. Her new independence and security has enabled her to begin rebuilding these relationships, and she's feeling more positive than ever.

Jade remembers well the day she got her keys. The weeks of uncertainty about where she would spend the next night were finally over, and she was so excited for a fresh start.

The feeling of having her own place was like no other. Now all Jade needed were some essentials to make it a home.

Jade accessed the Home Essentials Grant through her EYH charity, who purchased a new bed & mattress for her and had it delivered the same day. The charity also submitted several grants for white goods and furniture; so far all of these submittehave been successful, and Jade's place is beginning to look a lot more like home.

Jade cannot believe the support she has received. She said of her EYH charity:

“Me & my son are both so grateful for everything that you have done for us, more people should know about this. You really don’t get enough praise for what you amazing people do”

Jade's support worker said:

"Every time I have had any contact with Jade she is so grateful for what we are doing, without the Rent Deposit Scheme Jade would still be homeless, struggling to find a sofa for a night and facing the potential of a cold park bench somewhere. Instead she is focused on  her home creating a warm and secure place for her son and can now start to look forward to Christmas time."