Isabella's story

Isabella had a chaotic upbringing, and was often in charge of her siblings and the household. She was keen to become a hairdresser and gain independence. 

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Things at home had always been chaotic. Mum suffered with various mental health issues, and I was often left in charge of my brother and sister. My brother had severe learning disabilities making this extra challenging. On top of that, I was mostly in charge of the household responsibilities.  

At school, I was bullied a lot, and this left me feeling anxious and isolated most of the time. However, I knew I wanted to escape this life. I found the confidence to apply to college because I really wanted to become a hairdresser. I was so happy when they offered me a place on the course. However, My mum told me I could not attend the course as we could not afford the course equipment that the college required. This included a laptop for remote learning and a uniform for when I was in the classroom. My mum told me to tell the college I could not accept the placement.

But I didn't want to give up on this dream. I decided that despite my anxiety, I would get a part-time job in order to save up so I could purchase the items I needed for the course. But then COVID happened, and I couldn’t get a job. I was devastated that I may not be able to start the course. I couldn’t think of another way.

Then a friend told me about End Youth Homelessness, so I approached my local charity for help. I didn’t know what to expect, but I’m so glad I found them. A support worker helped me to complete an application for a bursary, and I soon received the equipment I needed to start the course, including a laptop and my uniform.

I was overjoyed that I was able to start the course.

It is going so well and I am excited about gaining a skill that could get me a job in the future, so that I will be able to support myself. Thank you to my EYH charity for all the support they gave me.

Isabella's story shows that with the right support and opportunities, vulnerable young people can overcome obstacles and leave uncertainty behind them.

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