EYH Launches Emergency COVID19 Appeal

103,000 young people face homelessness in the UK. As we work from home, they are still out there surviving COVID-19 on their own.

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COVID19 represents a perfect storm for the vulnerable young people that End Youth Homelessness charities support. Many of these young people are without incomes, without family support networks, without good health to fight illness, and also with mental illnesses that make isolation as dangerous as a virus

For this reason, EYH has launched our emergency COVID19 appeal, #NotWFH.

We are calling on the public's support to help us keep services open for vulnerable young people across the country.

Our appeal centres around the fact that while many of us are able to work from home, homeless young people are out there with no safe place to wait out this crisis.



To help reach the public and spread our message, we worked with creative ad agency Neverland, who delivered the concept of #NotWFH, along with attention grabbing graphics to use across our campaign.

Neverland also produced these billboard artworks, for use on out-of-home ad spaces kindly provided by Jack agency.

The billboard campaign can be seen in multiple locations across the UK, including:

  • Old Kent Road
  • Whitechapel Road
  • Shepherd's Bush



Please support our urgent appeal by giving what you can today via our Just Giving page: https://bit.ly/2Wi1NoZ

You can also help us spread the word by sharing our #NOTWFH campaign


To URGENTLY HELP those that have no home to work from, COPY AND PASTE this message onto your social media along with a picture of you WFH and PLEASE DONATE.

As we work from home, 103,000 young people face homelessness in the UK. Do not leave them out there surviving COVID-19 on their own. Please share and donate https://bit.ly/2Wi1NoZ


Thank you for joining our fight to keep vulnerable young people safe during COVID19.