Sisters Carrie and Alice became homeless just as COVID-19 hit the nation. 

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It was just as COVID-19 started sweeping across the country that sisters Alice and Carrie found themselves needing somewhere to live. They were in a vulnerable position and needed somewhere safe to go.

Things changed when the sisters were connected with their local EYH charity,

The charity had been offered rent-free use of private accommodation by a local landlord, who was keen for the accommodation to be put to good use during COVID-19.

Thanks to the generous supporters of the End Youth Homelessness COVID Appeal, we were able to ensure that the sisters were settled in safe accommodation during this unprecedented time.

“We couldn’t hold back our excitement and we started jumping up and down when we moved in!”

Things are looking up for Carrie and Alice, and the twins are feeling positive about their future:

“It feels like there’s hope for us now. It’s like we are meant to be here and we are so grateful and really appreciate all the help we have had.”

Please continue to support and share our urgent Covid appeal, so that we can continue to help young people like Carrie and Alice.