Alisa's Story

Alisa was unsafe in temporary accomodation, but thanks to her EYH charity, she was able to build the life she'd dreamt of.

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Alisa was living in temporary accommodation in London when she was referred to an End Youth Homelessness charity by her friend. Alisa’s home life was volatile, her family didn’t understand her trans identity, this was in part due to her cultural heritage, and staying at home was no longer an option.

Alisa’s experience of living in London was traumatic; she’d spent time in various temporary hostels, where she experienced transphobia, living with adults who were dealing with their own issues. Her terrifying experience of temporary accommodation culminated in a horrific transphobic attack where she was threatened with a knife.

Following several months of engaging with End Youth Homelessness Member Charity - Rock Trust - Alisa made the decision to relocate to Edinburgh, to flat share with her friend. This was a big decision, Alisa was leaving her family and the support networks she had developed with LGBTQ agencies behind. But, it was also an exciting prospect, to start a fresh life, with a friend who understood the challenges she faced.

“Looking back now, I have no idea how I would have escaped my life back in London without the support from my Support Worker Tammy and the funding of End Youth Homelessness and Rock Trust”.

When a suitable private rented accommodation became available, staff encourage Alisa and her friend to apply, and they were successful! However, Alisa had used the little money she had to relocate to Edinburgh, so they found themselves unable to pay the deposit.

Thanks to the End Youth Homelessness Housing Fund, which covered the cost of the deposit and furniture they needed, Alisa and her friend were able to move in without a worry.

“The most important thing I want to get across is that I don’t know who you are and you don’t know who I am; however, with your support to End Youth Homelessness, you have changed my life, given me hope for myself and the future of anyone else who needs help.”

From the start, Alisa had been incredibly resourceful, joining LGBTQ+ support groups to make friends and improve her mental health. Within this support network Alisa was able to safely explore her new city, as well as her education/employment aspirations. Alisa began an admin training course on the 22nd November in order to prepare her for an office job – she is already enjoying the course and has made friends.

“For the first time in my life I feel like I’m living for myself in the comfort of Edinburgh, I feel safe, I feel welcomed and most of all I feel happy here. Once again, this is thanks to Tammy, who has been like a fairy godmother and to everyone behind the scenes who made all of this possible. Thank you.”


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