Alex: Building a Better Future

How support ftom EYH enabled Alex to reach her goals of independent living and employment...

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Alex was living at home with her parents, but it was a challenging environment and the arguments had been getting more frightening. The situation was triggering Alex’s depression. She had finished her college course and wanted to work in a care home – but mum would not let her. Alex did have a job, but she was being treated poorly and the pay was terrible.

Alex said, ‘I was worried the situation was going to drag me back to a dark place, I had felt really low in the past and I think I would have gone back to that.’

By the time Alex contacted her local EYH charity, she had left home and was sofa surfing at a friend’s house. She was receiving inappropriate comments from others in the household, and she didn’t feel safe. 

Alex did not qualify for housing assistance from the council because she wasn’t assessed as homeless. Alex’s support worker at her local EYH charity told her about Future Builders, a programme offering affordable housing for young people in employment.

Shortly after accessing the programme, Alex was offered housing in a suitable shared house...

"It made a big difference, having my own space. Things weren’t weighing me down so much, so I had more motivation to do stuff."

Alex and her support worker made an action plan together. Alex’s goals were to get into care work and to move on to her own place. Alex engaged really well with the support offered, learning how to budget for rent, manage disagreements with her housemates and saving for a future deposit.

With some support to improve her CV and practice interview skills, Alex was soon offered a position with a local nursing home. Her new role involved long hours and was physically demanding. It was challenging and tiring but Alex really enjoyed her new job and was now earning an income.

After 7 months of living in her shared property, Alex was offered a studio flat with a community housing scheme close to her work. Alex was able to pay the rent and deposit upfront, having saved hard. She now has stable affordable housing for 2 years. Alex hopes to eventually train to become a nurse in the future.

Alex says that Future Builders ‘gave me options – made me realise that good things could happen, I didn’t have to stay in that situation. ‘ The most important thing for her was ‘being supported in what I wanted to do, not what other people wanted me to do.’

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