Rent Deposit Scheme a 'vote of faith' in homeless young people

Since launching in June 2017, our Rent Deposit Scheme (RDS) has been helping vulnerable young people into their own homes. The scheme has been a lifeline for homeless young people who find obstacles to housing, whichever direction they turn. 

As the project transitions into the new Housing Fund, Our member charities reflect on the impact it has had so far on the lives of young people they work with.

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The RDS, funded by Yorkshire Building Society has provided rental deposits and initial rent payments to help homeless young people secure a roof over their head. It also helps young people make a house a home by providing ‘home essentials’ grants.

Our member charities have delivered the scheme across the UK, and have seen first-hand the positive impact it has had.

Dom Wood, CEO of 1625 Independent People, on how the scheme has helped vulnerable young people in Bristol:

“The fund not only opened up opportunities to access move-on that they would not have had otherwise but also ensured financial security is there for vulnerable young people who experience significant challenge in accessing accommodation compared to the rest of the population.  This was a vote of faith in young people that helped them open the right doors to move on into their future lives.” 

Alex Walshe worked on delivering the RDS at 1625 Independent People. He says the support has been invaluable to the young people he worked with:

“When I talk to young people who have used the scheme, they repeatedly say that they wouldn’t have been able to move without this support. It has also enabled young people moving on from supported housing to move into permanent social housing through help with rent in advance.”

Clare Ward helped deliver the RDS at Roundabout in Sheffield:

“The Rent Deposit Scheme has enabled young people, many of whom were ineligible for help from the council’s homeless service, to move out of homelessness... The service is a lifeline to young people who don’t have the knowledge, skills or finances to access homes in the private sector.”

Esther, a young person housed through the scheme in 2019 said:

"My daughter and myself are grateful as without the funding we wouldn’t of had anywhere to live and it really helped us out. So thank you all."

Esther became homeless in 2017 and was sofa surfing with her new born daughter, with the help of the rent deposit scheme she moved into her first flat. 

Laura Rutter worked on the Rent Deposit Scheme at Centrepoint:

“I have seen first-hand the huge, positive impact of someone giving young people a chance, stability and a future, having someone stand up for them and dispel the myths about young people. There is truly nothing greater than seeing the end result when someone is safe and secure with a place to call home.”

Since launching in June 2017, The RDS has helped 440 young people into their own homes. Yorkshire Building Society has played a fundamental role, raising over £1 million so far, enabling our member charities across the UK to support young people out of often dangerous circumstances, and into a place of safety and independence.  

Once young people have a safe place to call home, they can begin to turn their lives around and overcome the other hurdles they face in life. Thank you to Yorkshire Building Society for enabling us to give homeless young people the keys to a positve future.

You can find out more about the scheme here.