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Jessica's Story

Tragically, after suffering long-term abuse at home by her family members, Jess found herself homeless at a young age. Although she was able to move in with her partner's family for a period of time and gain full-time employment, after the relationship broke down Jess once again found herself with nowhere to go.

For several months Jess anxiously 'sofa-surfed' at friends, and when there was no alternative she was forced to sleep rough in shop doorways. Amazingly, during her period of homelessness Jess was still able to maintain her full-time job.

“When I was sofa surfing I felt like nothing in my life at that time was secure, worrying about where I would go next.” 

After much searching, Jess was finally found a suitable property to live and was able to save enough to pay the rent in advance, but was unable to move in as she could not afford the deposit required. From here, Jess turned to EYH Member charity, Centrepoint, for support. After completing an assessment with Jess, Centrepoint was able to provide the landlord with a bond and, excitingly, Jess has now moved into the flat. Once she moved in, the home essential grant enabled Jess to buy kitchen appliances and a hoover. She was also supported in buying a cooker and washing machine.

The Rent Deposit Scheme has turned Jess’ life around. She now lives much closer to work and has recently been promoted, which she is thrilled about.  

“Now I have my flat I feel safe and that I'm getting my life back under control bit by bit.” 

Jess is very ambitious and her future dreams are to advance within the company she works for. 

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