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Arianne's Story

"I always used to think I was a bad person. I thought I had made the abuse happen but the staff at Llamau helped me realise that it wasn’t my fault. I hadn’t done anything wrong."

Arianne's problems at home began when she was just a child. She was abused by her father when she young and when he disappeared, her mother's new boyfriends repeated the abuse. With this, a pattern of running away and sofa surfing began. 

Due to problems at home, Arianne dropped out of school at 15 and by 17 she was no longer able to live at home. Underage and homeless, Arianne was placed with our Member charity Llamau who provided her with a warm, safe room to live and the support to get her through such difficult times. However, shortly after moving in her mother died of an overdose, which set Arianne back considerably. She began self-harming and engaging in other destructive behaviour. However, Llamau ensured Arianne got the help she needed from doctors and for the first time in her life, she began to trust people.

Not only this, Llamau also got her education back up to scratch - at this point Arianne hadn't been engaged in education for three years. She was supported in getting a qualification in IT and has been accepted into a college course. As of now, Arianne is living in her own flat and has flourished with the help of Llamau. 

"Some days, I still feel really fragile, but they are just a phone call away and continue to help me."

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