103,000* young people face homelessness in the UK. As we work from home, they are still out there surviving COVID-19 on their own.

For many, self-isolation can mean a time of discomfort. But for Britain's homeless young people, it can mean much worse.

This global pandemic hitting the UK means EYH charities now face extraordinary costs just to keep services staffed and young people healthy. We are desperately concerned that the COVID19 crisis will prevent our services from running and leave young people unsupported, without food or worse.  

Please donate whatever you can to help us keep vital services running.

To URGENTLY HELP those that have no home to work from:


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Suggested post: 103,000 young people face homelessness in the UK. As we work from home, young people are at risk of facing COVID-19 on their own. We’re proud to support @EYH_UK ‘s appeal DONATE NOW TO END YOUTH HOMELESSNESS: https://bit.ly/2Wi1NoZ #NotWFH #EYHCovidAppeal #EndYouthHomelessness



*Centrepoint’s Databank report states that 103,00 young people asked their local authority for help in 2017/2018 because they were homeless or at risk of homelessness.  Statistics are based on FOI requests made to Local Authorities in England for 2017/18