This time last year, we launched our emergency COVID-19 appeal.

When the pandemic hit, we were immediately worried about the impact it would have on the lives of the vulnerable young people. With lockdown and self-isolation measures in place, our services were under threat, and we had to move quickly to help our member charities to stay on their feet.

One year on, thanks to our brilliant supporters and partners, we have been able keep young people safe and supported throughout the COVID-19 crisis.

Here's how the appeal made a difference to the lives of homeless young people...

What did our funding provide?


1. It helped young people to continue working

“Funding towards bus and train tickets meant that young people who had to travel to work, or medical appointments had the resources to do so.”

– 1625 Independent People, our member in Bristol

2. It helped young people to stay connected

“Funds from the EYH COVID-19 appeal covered areas such as essential supplies: food, toiletries, cleaning materials; household goods; sanitary products; essential utility supplies; connectivity through technology including phone, sim card, screen or tablet”

– St. Basils, our member in Birmingham


3. It kept young people and staff protected, and services open

“PPE funded by the grant has been used by all 280 of Centrepoint’s permanent frontline staff, ensuring we successfully achieved the goal of keeping our 58 supported accommodation services across the country open”

- Centrepoint 

4. It helped young people adapt to online learning

“Funds from the EYH COVID-19 appeal were enough to purchase 14 new computers, with all the programmes needed for young people to access vital services online. Amber supports c.80 young people at any one time and all have benefitted from the new computers.”

– Amber Foundation


Tyler's Story

When Tyler presented to his local EYH charity, he had fled his mother’s house as their relationship had become too strained and he felt too unsafe to stay. 

Tyler had resorted to sleeping on his Nan’s sofa in her warden assisted living for people 65 and over. It was just at this time when the COVID-19 pandemic hit the UK and lockdown was introduced. Tyler was breaking the rules by staying with his Nan and he was putting other residents at risk of contracting the virus, but since it was either that or the streets, he felt he had no choice.

Click below to read how support from his EYH charity helped Tyler to overcome these huge challenges. His story is a powerful example of how our COVID-19 appeal has helped turn young lives around. 

Read Tyler's story here.

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