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Our Bursary Fund saw its highest demand during 2020 and the pandemic. Many vulnerable young people found themselves unable to adapt to life under COVID-19 due to lack of resources. Young people were dropping out of courses, losing employment and having opportunities close up.

Our Bursary Fund helped them to overcome this, and continue on a positive path. 

By supportitng our Bursary Fund, you help us to provide young people with items such as:

  • Bicycles for safe travel to work
  • Laptops for online courses (both professional and educational)
  • Work uniforms
  • Course-specific equipment: such as mannequins for health and beauty
  • Certificates and ID needed for employment



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In 2020, our bursary fund played its most important role yet. We provided 730 bursaries to young people to pay for essential work and educational items.

overcoming obstacles

COVID-19 has had a devastating impact on the life chances of young people. Our Bursary Fund enables young people to access opportunities by helping with prohibitive costs.

Research has found that young people are the group that will be hit the worst financially by the pandemic, with many having prospects and opportunities stripped away.

Our Bursary Fund has been a source of relief during the past year.  Through the bursary, we have been able to support young people in taking positive steps toards their career and educational goals despite the odds they've faced.

The Bursary Scheme, funded by Eversheds Sutherland, enables young people to access education, employment and training (EET) opportunities. The scheme removes the prohibitive associated costs, for which a young person would normally turn to family support networks. The bursary covers items such as course fees and technology so they can pursue a path to independence. 

Together, we can help young people overcome obstables to an independent future.

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Alex's story

When the pandemic hit the UK, Alex had just moved into his own rented flat from supported accommodation. At the same time, he was being supported by a Jobs Coach at his local EYH charity. Together, they found an appropriate training course, but when lockdown happened, Alex feared he couldn't continue the course due to a lack of technology. Our bursary fund allowed Alex to purchase a laptop, enabling him to continue om his path to independence.

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