2020/21 Impact Report

We are proud to share the amazing impact End Youth Homelessness has had for homeless young people and our Member Charities in the last year.


End Youth Homelessness receives no statuary income and relies solely on fundraising from our partners, supporters and trusts and foundations to raise the money we distribute to our Member Charities.

When the pandemic hit, our first thought was for the impact that was going to have on the lives of the young people – we knew that our funds were going to be needed now, more than ever before. However, without the certainty of a fixed income there was a real worry that we weren’t going to be able to meet that need.

Thanks to our brilliant supporters and partners, we are delighted to say that we were able to distribute the highest amount of funding we’ve ever given to Members. Funding that has resulted in the life-changing numbers you see here.  

Housing 2020/21



200 young people and 39 children were supported into their own home

73 young people participated in our Future Builders programme and 85% of them moved on successfully.

Employability 2020/21



373 young people received dedicated support from a Jobs Coach

212 young people were supported into a new job, apprenticeship or further education

613 employability bursaries were awarded to 460 young people, helping them access their jobs or education courses during the pandemic.

Thank you

None of this would have been possible without the amazing generosity of our partners and supporters. In 2020/21, you helped us raise £1.5m so that we could reach more young people than ever before. Thank you.

You can read our full impact report here, where you can see more of the life-changing impact we’ve had, as well as see how our incredible partners and supporters made that happen.

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