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No young person ever asks for the dire circumstances that lead them to becoming homeless. Yet with 80,000 under-25s experiencing homelessness, we must do all we can as a society to support those who need help into housing and employment. These lives are immeasurably precious – it is vital that we work together to end youth homelessness.

His Royal Highness
The Duke of Cambridge


Whilst investment in services to support young people who find themselves homeless is important so too is reducing the number of young people becoming homeless in the first place.  Key to that aim is ensuring families have the support they need and that young people at risk of homelessness are identified and supported before the point of crisis.


The biggest short term issue for young people who find themselves homeless is of course finding somewhere to live.  Increasingly, homeless young people can also find it difficult to ‘move on’ from supported accommodation into social housing or the private rented sector because the rents are simply too high. 


Young people who experience homelessness can find themselves without the skills, opportunities or experience to find and sustain a job.  We believe that supporting homeless young people into training and employment is as important as helping them to find a place to call home.

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