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Research published by York University in 2011 estimates there are 80,000 homeless young people in the UK. Despite this shocking statistic, there is no national UK body to provide direct services to support these marginalised young people.

The journey to successful independent living is supported by grassroots organisations in communities across the country. They provide vital support helping homeless young people looking to secure their own home and job but they are facing a bleak economic outlook. Given that 1m young people in the UK are unemployed, there is little doubt homeless young people are in desperate need of increased support.

Until now it has not been possible for the business community to support the issue on a national scale. Recognising this challenge, these grass roots organisations have come together to as End Youth Homelessness to enable companies and their employees to support youth homelessness on a national level. This platform will help all of its participant organisations to build their capacity and enhance their sustainability. It will help grass roots organisations survive.

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